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Geneva man arrested for burglary and assault

A Geneva man was arrested for burglary and assault after a domestic incident in Phelps. Wally Jay Morabito, 53, of Geneva, was taken into custody on July 3 after the incident. Deputies determined that Morabito ... more

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Geneva man arrested for public lewdness and obstruction in Cayuga County

A Geneva man was arrested on June 27 for public lewdness and obstructing governmental administration. Jacob A. Johnson, 39, was spotted by a deputy on Blass Road in the Town of Conquest on June 2, ... more

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Geneva police arrest woman for assault after disturbance

Geneva Police responded to a disturbance on North Exchange Street on Sunday, June 30. Maria Lynn Leach, 49, was detained after officers found her highly intoxicated and a male victim bleeding from his nose. Officers ... more

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Penn Yan man arrested for DWI after erratic driving

Penn Yan Police arrested a 57-year-old man on June 22 for driving while intoxicated. Bruce G. Rugg was stopped after officers saw his car driving erratically on Liberty Street, crossing into the oncoming lane, and ... more

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Williamson woman accused of stealing air conditioner

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Ericka J. Sims, 53, for allegedly stealing a window air conditioning unit from Williamson Orchard Estates. Deputies charged Sims, who lives on Arrowbend Drive, with Petit Larceny. She ... more

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Candor mayor arrested for theft of village funds

The mayor of Candor, Eric Halstead, has been arrested for allegedly stealing $23,000 from the village’s General Fund, according to New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli and the New York State Police. An investigation ... more

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Penn Yan man arrested twice in two days for using fake $100 bills in Seneca Falls

Police arrested a Penn Yan man twice on back-to-back days after he used fake $100 bills at a business in Seneca Falls. Seneca Falls Police arrested Arcangel Soler, 55, from Penn Yan, on July 2 ... more

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Police: SF woman faces charges after passing through self-checkout at Walmart with items

Police arrested a Seneca Falls woman following a theft investigation at Walmart. Paige Dahl, 26, was arrested on June 25 for allegedly stealing items at the Walmart in Seneca Falls. Police say Dahl did not ... more

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Syracuse man faces charges for filing false docs in Ontario County

Authorities say a Syracuse man faces serious charges after filing false documents with DSS in Ontario County. Solomon S. Young, 39, from Syracuse, was arrested on July 2 for allegedly filing false documents to obtain ... more

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Clifton Springs man arrested for domestic violence

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office arrested a Clifton Springs man after he strangled a family member at his home on Monday. Timothy L. Perkins Jr., 34, was arrested on July 1 at his home on ... more

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Ithaca man arrested after burglary-in-progress: Suspect tried to flee

Ithaca Police arrested a man after a burglary on South Titus Avenue on July 1. The homeowner discovered the suspect inside and followed him to Center Street, where police arrived. The man, identified as Elliott ... more

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Canandaigua man arrested for drug conspiracy in Wayne County

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man from Canandaigua after an investigation. Deputies charged Randolph S. Mattice, 56, with second-degree conspiracy, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, and attempted possession of a ... more

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Two held without bail after massive drug and gun bust in Ontario, Monroe counties

A large-scale investigation led to the seizure of drugs, guns, and cash in Ontario and Monroe counties. The Ontario County Sheriff's Office says that 20 search warrants were executed on June 26, resulting from a ... more

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Greece teen arrested for larceny and harassment in Ontario County

Ontario County Sheriff Deputies arrested an 18-year-old from Greece on June 27. Demetrius Darnel Bronson was charged with petit larceny and second-degree aggravated harassment following a domestic incident on June 22. The arrest took place ... more

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Williamson man faces 14 charges after domestic incident and pursuit in Auburn

A man faces 14 charges, including four felonies, after a domestic incident led to a police chase on Sunday. Christopher M. Hunt, 23, of Williamson, allegedly held a woman against her will at a Washington ... more

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Deputies: Farmington woman arrested after missing multiple court dates

Ontario County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a Farmington woman on June 29 for failing to appear in court. Sara Williams, 43, was taken into custody at 11:58 p.m. on a bench warrant from Canandaigua Town Court ... more

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Rochester woman arrested for shoplifting in Victor

A Rochester woman was arrested for shoplifting at Von Maur in Victor on July 1. Ontario County Sheriff's Deputies took Jill Marie Tiefel, 41, into custody around 4:40 p.m. after she was caught stealing $159 ... more

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Steuben County launches anti-DWI campaign for July 4th

Steuben County Sheriff James Allard announced a special campaign to combat impaired driving from July 3 to July 7. The STOP-DWI High Visibility Engagement Campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, ... more

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Campbell woman arrested for giving marijuana to minors

State troopers arrested a Campbell woman on June 29 for allegedly providing marijuana to minors. Savannah Cranmer, 20, was charged with two counts of Unlawful Dealing with a Child 1st after an investigation revealed she ... more

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